SpringRock Products

3 or 5 Gallon Bottles

Pure refreshing spring water delivered direct from the source to your home in 3 or 5 gallon bottles. Email or call us to find out if we service your area.


5 gallons


3 gallons

$6 deposit per bottle.
All fees included.


Half Gallon Glass Containers

Purchase our unique returnable, recyclable, reusable bottles in 1/2 gallon glass containers. Environmentally friendly and sustainable. Check out our retailers and support your local health food stores.


Case of 6.
$12 deposit per case.
All fees included.


Porcelain Crock

Our elegant, porcelain counter top crocks are a practical alternative to our coolers. They fit on standard water dispenser stands or can be simply set on a counter. No need for electricity or wires, no setup, just fill the crock and enjoy water with ease. Holds 2.5 gallons of water. Lead-free. Lid sold separately.


All fees included.


Water Coolers

SpringRocks's Hot and Cold Top Loading Water Dispenser offers instant access to ice cold and piping hot purified water with the touch of a button. Enjoy a cool, refreshing glass of water or prepare your favorite hot or chilled beverages, soups, or oatmeal with ease. Its clean, simple look complements the decor of nearly any room in your home and its child safety latch ensures peace of mind. This dispenser uses 3 or 5-gallon bottles, which reduce waste from single-serve bottles and filters and its Energy Star rating keeps electricity usage to a minimum. Perfect for use with great-tasting SpringRock Water!

Delivered and set up.